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Some changes to my business in 2024

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Hello and welcome to my last #TransparentTuesday blog post of 2023!


I’ve been reimagining my business lately, and want to let you in on some changes I’ll be making in 2024. 

For context, I’ve been running an online business for over a decade now, and one thing I’ve learned about myself in that time is that I hate to be bored. I love solving new problems, tackling new challenges, and exploring new ideas, and I’ve learned that I need to be constantly growing, learning, evolving, and challenging myself in order to thrive.

This is actually one of the biggest reasons I love running my own business! As the CEO of Jessi Kneeland Coaching LLC, I get to continuously reinvent myself, continuously follow what inspires me, and continuously align my work with my truth as I grow and evolve. (If you’ve been here since my Remodel Fitness days, you’ve already seen me go through several major transformations!)

With this in mind, I’ve grown and changed so much as a person over the last few years, and I find myself excited about and inspired by different aspects of my work than I used to be. So I’ve been feeling a pull to reinvent and reconceptualize my business again, to bring it back into alignment! 

Put another way, you can expect to see my business go through a bit of a glow-up in 2024. ;-)

So today, I want to share my new mission statement with you:

My mission is to help people who have inadvertently taken on the job of their oppressors recognize what has happened, and break free.

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Here’s the deal. Systems of oppression present a very real threat to folks in marginalized bodies, but if we’re being really honest with ourselves, a lot of our day-to-day suffering isn’t actually caused by the people and systems that oppress us. Instead, it’s caused by the fact that we’ve internalized the values and beliefs of those people and systems. 

A huge amount of pain and suffering I see in the people I work with is caused by the fact that without even realizing it, they’ve actually taken on the job of their oppressors—which is to say: they've learned to police and punish themselves, and enforce the “rules” of our capitalist, fatphobic, transphobic, and white supremacist patriarchy, even when they’re alone.

The truth is that most of our shame, insecurity, and self-loathing isn’t caused by the fact that our oppressors tell us we’re inferior and powerless, it’s caused by the fact that we believed them. 

Given what we know about attachment, trauma, brain development, and social psychology, this makes sense, of course. It’s understandable for us to have believed them and it’s not our fault. But it also isn’t something we need to stay stuck with. 

A lot of my clients have spent their lives trying to make their oppressors so happy and impressed that they “earn” their freedom, but it turns out… that’s not how oppression works. No man has ever looked at a woman and thought “wow she’s so hot I think I need to respect her now!” Billionaires aren’t like “wow my employees are so good at being exploited, I think I’ll start paying them a living wage!” 

If you believed them when they said you only have value if you’re a “good girl” who tries to follow their rules and make them happy, that makes sense. 

But no matter how well you follow those rules, they will never grant you the freedom, agency, autonomy, or power you crave. In fact, the only thing that will happen is that you will have just spent your life helping them exploit and control you.

I want to help people become unexploitable—or at least, harder to exploit. I figure if someone wants to manipulate and control you, the least they can do is… literally everything. No reason to make their job easier. They shouldn’t be allowed to just sit back and relax while you do the work of keeping yourself small. 

I want to teach you how to hold other people accountable for their own actions and behaviors, instead of taking that responsibility on. I want to help you shift your allegiances from your oppressors to yourself. And I want to help you reclaim a sense of agency, power, and worthiness, so that you can become powerfully resistant to coercion, manipulation, and control from the outside. 

This starts with two things: a connection to self, and a commitment to becoming ungovernable. You were put on this planet for so much more than a lifetime of trying to become who (and how) your oppressors want you to be. 

The freedom, power, connection, and confidence you’re seeking simply cannot be found in the validation and approval of people committed to seeing you as less-than-fully-human. 

In 2024 I will be inviting you to become terrifying and repellent to those people instead. And I sincerely hope you’ll join me as I move my content and offers in this direction. 

>>>By the way, if you felt sparks of resonance, hope, or longing in your belly as you read this, I have a few private coaching and Voxer-only coaching spots opening up in January! I would love to work with you, so apply for coaching here and we’ll chat!<<<

Happy new year, friend. Let’s take the world by storm. 


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