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Speaker for hire!

A few talks I’m giving, thinking about, and excited for!

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Hey friend!

I wanted to let you know that Thursday I’m giving a digital talk on body neutrality and the 4 Body Image Avatars for the Cary Memorial Library in Massachusetts

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>>You can find all the details here, and register to join if you want to watch!<<

When my book BODY NEUTRAL came out last June, I did a live reading and Q&A at the book launch event at a local body positive gym All Bodies Movement, and I loved it. Getting to talk about all my favorite topics (and connect with people who care about them as much as I do!) is such a treat, and I’ve been really wanting to do more speaking events ever since!

So I’m super excited about this talk, and about a few other speaking events I have in the works too, including a local one focused on body neutrality for trans and queer folks!

Interestingly though, in the process of writing my notes for these talks, I keep running into new topics and angles I want to dive into and talk about! 

I realize it makes sense to follow the natural flow of my book when teaching and talking about body neutrality to an audience who has never heard of it before, but my own understanding of the topic has become deeper and more nuanced, even just in the last year and a half since handing in my final manuscript! 

I’ve become fascinated by different ways body image suffering can try to protect a person, and I’ve fallen down new rabbit holes around how body image issues interact with relationships, anxiety, shame, gender, sexuality, empowerment, vulnerability, existentialism, and oppression. 

Because of this, in writing my notes for these talks, I’ve sort of inadvertently found myself outlining notes for half a dozen other talks, including:

  • Body Neutrality for Fat Folks: shifting your relationship to weight (and weight stigma) in a world where other people still believe diet culture’s lies.

  • The Desire to “Get Control Over” Your Body: moving toward body neutrality when you can’t stand feeling helpless, and control is the only thing that makes you feel safe.

  • The Myth of Worthiness & Exceptionalism: how believing the only way to be “good enough” is to be special, different, or exceptional leads to body image issues (and how to let that go!)

  • Internalized Oppression and Body Image: why your inner critic always seems to agree with your abusers and oppressors, and how to shift your allegiances from them to you

  • Being Attractive and Being Desired Aren’t the Same Thing: untangling conventional beauty ideals and objectification from the natural human drive to be loved and wanted. 

  • You Don’t Really Want to Fit In, You Want to Belong: how trying to avoid judgment, and be “normal” or “acceptable” is a losing strategy if your goal is to feel connected, happy, and worthy as you are. (And how to get there instead!)

  • You Body Can’t Prevent Rejection, Humiliation, or Heartbreak: exploring the unconscious self-protection “strategy” at the root of so much body image suffering (holding your body responsible for a task it doesn’t have the power to succeed at), and how to let it go. 

I have so many other thoughts on specific topics up my sleeve too, like common misconceptions about what body neutrality is (and isn’t), the complex landscape of hope and betrayal caused by Ozempic and other recent “miracle weight loss drugs,” and how to understand and address binge eating and food fears.

Now, I could totally try to turn each of these topics into podcast episodes, videos, courses, or written pieces, but I feel like they’re just begging to be presented to a live audience. They want to be experienced in a group setting, where people can explore them together, bouncing them around and deepening their collective understanding and resonance through questions and discussion. 

With that in mind, I’m officially putting it out there that I’m now available for hire as a speaker!

Photo of Jessi Kneeland giving a TEDx talk

If you happen to be in a position to bring in a speaker, or organize a speaking event (for your gym, library, store, company, community, whatever!) please feel free to hit reply and let me know.

I’d be happy to give a talk on any of the above topics, or come up with something new together that would best fit your specific needs and audience. (My rates are a little different depending on whether I’m giving a talk I’ve already prepared, or coming up with a new one, but I can be flexible and try to work within your budget, so don’t be afraid to ask!)

And if you’re not in a position to organize something like that, no worries! Just know that I have some new ideas brewing, and I’ll keep you posted about events like this when they’re available to the public.

Super excited!

Big hug,


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