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Coaching Options

Wanna work with me? 

I offer a variety of coaching packages, all done virtuality!

Explore the options below, then apply to learn more.

Not sure which option is a better fit for you? That's ok! 

Go ahead and fill out an application- then we can jump on a quick phone call to chat about the options. 


Private Coaching

  •    Looking to improve your relationship to your body, food, weight, or exercise?

  • Need help improving your confidence or self-worth?

  • Have a particular sex, relationship, or business goal in mind? 

In private coaching, we focus on your specific goalsdive deep into your unique story, and tailor our sessions to whatever it is you want and need.


Whether you prefer to meet every week, or twice a month, private coaching offers you the space, guidance, clarity, resources, and support that you need to get wherever it is you want to go.


All coaching is done virtually (unless you happen to be in the Asheville, NC area!), via 1:1 coaching sessions over Zoom plus Voxer support between sessions.

Private coaching starts at $950/month.  

Voxer-Only Coaching

Voxer is a text and voice memo app, where you'll get the same kind of one-on-one guidance and coaching support as private coaching, just without the zoom calls! This more affordable option is ideal for you if you've already been working on yourself and tend to be self-motivated, but want help getting to the next level.

Starts at $350/month


Small Group Coaching

Join (or help create!) a group of three to five people with compatible body image issues, coming together to work toward body neutrality, via three months of weekly group coaching calls over Zoom. 

 $1500; payment plans available

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Apply For Coaching

Which type of coaching are you interested in?

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