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Coaching Options

Wanna work with me? 

I offer a variety of coaching packages, all done virtuality!

Explore the options below, then apply to learn more.

Not sure which option is a better fit for you? That's ok! 

Go ahead and fill out an application- then we can jump on a quick phone call to chat about the options. 


6 Months Body Neutrality Coaching

This option is best for people struggling with body anxiety, hatred, shame, preoccupation, and dysmorphia, who are ready to discover the underlying purpose for their body image issues, and be supported every step of the way as they make that purpose obsolete—as well as for folks who prefer to have more time between sessions to apply and integrate what they're learning.


You’ll get 12 private Zoom coaching sessions (45 minutes each), plus the call recordings. I’ll also send you follow-up resources, writing exercises, or practices as needed, based on what comes up in each session, to keep you moving forward between sessions.


There are two options available, depending on your budget and what level of support feels best for you:


  • Just the Sessions: 6 monthly installments of $600

  • Sessions + Ongoing Voxer Support: 6 monthly installments of $1,100

Voxer-Only Coaching

This option is best for people who want access to coaching and support throughout the month, rather than being confined to specific session times. It’s also a great option for people who have “graduated” from a more intensive coaching package, but still want ongoing support and guidance!


Voxer is a text and voice memo app where we can privately message back and forth throughout the month as needed– no need to wait until next week’s session to ask a question, share a success, ask for a new assignment, or get support around a trigger in real time! 


You can sign up for Voxer coaching month-to-month, or save a little money by signing up for a package in advance:


  • 1 month: $600

  • 3 months: $575/month

  • 6 months: $550/month


Body Neutrality Accelerator

This option is best for people who prefer to dive into things headfirst, and feel ready to spend a few months intensely focused on identifying and dismantling their blocks to body neutrality. 


You’ll get 12 weekly private coaching sessions over Zoom (45 minutes each), plus the call recordings, and follow-up resources, writing exercises, or practices as needed.


  • Just the sessions: 3 monthly payments of $1000

  • The sessions + ongoing Voxer support: 3 monthly payments of $1500

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