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#TransparentTuesday – Ask Me Anything!!

Editor’s note: These posts were written back when my brand name was Remodel Fitness. I’ve decided to include them here without editing them, in the interest of…well… transparency. 😉

I have always been very resistant to giving advice.

Seriously. Last year I hired a business coach who told me I had to start making “how-to” videos and I told him BUT I DON’T TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO.

I recognize how silly that might sound, since I obviously teach stuff as a trainer and coach, but it has always been really important to me that I’m simply guiding another person toward their best self, not telling them what to do.

This is my stuff, and I know it. I personally always hated being given advice, because while it was obviously well-intentioned, it never felt like it left room for me, my experience, my heart, or my gut.

Autonomy is everything to me.

I would honestly rather my client reject everything I tell her, and follow her own heart. I never want to crowd out her experience and her autonomy by telling her “what to do.” So instead I listen, I ask questions, I make suggestions, I tell my clients what I’ve seen work for other people, I tell stories, I keep listening, and I help people recognize, organize, accept, and take action on their heart’s desires.

But then recently, I read the book Tiny Beautiful Things.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s by Cheryl Strayed, and it’s a collection of pieces from her incredibly unique and wonderful advice column called “Dear Sugar.” People ask her questions, and she writes complex and impassioned responses that are somewhere between giving advice, shedding light on the human experience, sharing her stories, and just flooding the person with compassion and love.

It inspired the absolute shit out of me.

Very taken with the idea of doing an advice column of sorts, last week I tried an experiment. I approached my private Facebook community Women Who Empower Other Women, Unite! and told them I wanted to try answering questions in video format, to see how it went. They asked me questions, and I made videos in response.

It turned out to be so fun. I typically don’t like making videos, but this was different. This was more like being on a podcast than trying to teach a “how-to” video. It was wonderful to read through all the questions, and to offer my thoughts, experiences, and advice.

I loved hearing what’s going on in my women’s heads, what they’re struggling with, and what they need help on.

After making 3 private videos, I decided to take this little project out to a bigger audience.

Which brings me to you. I want to answer your questions.

You can ask me anything. Literally, anything at all. Emotions? Hell yes. Fitness? Of course. Health, body-image, forgiveness, self-care, relationships, confidence, communication, jealousy, curiosity? All of it and more is welcome!

So I’m creating a video series called Ask Jessi Kneeland, and I need your questions!

What you need to know:

-Please include the headline Submission for ‘Ask Jessi Kneeland, so I know I have permission to use your question in a video.

-I will either read your question exactly as written, or make minor edits to make it more easily understood.

-I will use only your first name to identify you when I read your question, unless you specify that you’d like to be anonymous or use another identification, just as initials.

-I will NOT be able to answer everyone’s questions, but I encourage you to ask anything you want, and as many questions as you like. I will read them all personally, and I want to know what you’re going through and struggling with.

Q: What makes a good question?

A: The best questions are extremely specific, detailed, and personal. For example, it’s pretty difficult to answer the question “how do I listen to my body?” while it’s much more powerful to answer something like “I’ve been dieting on and off for 15 years, gaining and losing weight. I’m so used to tuning out my hunger and fullness cues at this point that the only time I’ve gotten results is when I’m following a detailed food plan. But I like the idea of intuitive eating, and I’d like to start trying it. How do you suggest I get started?”

Ready to ask me a question??

What do you want to know? What do you want help with? What are you struggling with? What are you going through? What have you always felt too shy to ask? How can I help? Please don’t be shy. Even if I can’t give you direct “advice,” your question has the power to open the door to a conversation that world needs to be having, and I want to hear it.

One more time: Submit your question here with the headline Submission for ‘Ask Jessi Kneeland,’ and I may choose your question to answer in my new video series!

I can’t wait to hear from you,

<3 Jessi Kneeland #TransparentTuesdays Get strong. Feel confident. Look amazing

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