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This is NOT about your body…

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

New podcast, and how to work with me in 2021!

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!!

Today’s email is gonna be short and sweet, because I’m just here to announce two really exciting things going on in my business right now. The first one is:

It’s called This Is Not About Your Body, and as I mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s just me riffing on the same kind of topics I write about here and make Instagram/youtube videos about, on the fly and in the moment.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve often jumped off a client call or finished writing a section of my book and then immediately picked up my mic to record an episode while the thoughts are fresh — so be prepared to hear me working through ideas that interest and excite me in real time, like how obsessive body control can light up our reward systems, the role that disgust plays in body image issues, and how attraction can be both learned and unlearned. 😉

So here’s the deal: I just dropped 5 episodes on Apple and Spotify, and from now on you can expect one new episode to go up every Monday — so be sure to subscribe to get notified!

I had originally planned to do two episodes/week since they’re only 25-40 minutes long each, but I’m starting conservatively so as to not get overwhelmed while book-writing and running the avatars program (info below) this fall. At some point I might bump it up to twice/week, because honestly I have so many ideas and so much to say… but I figure this is a good place to start.

Plus, I have no idea how these episodes will be received!

I’m not actually a podcast-listener myself, so I feel a bit like I’m winging it over here, just talking about ideas that interest me, and hoping it lands with y’all. It’s actually a bit nerve-wracking and vulnerable to put this out into the world!

As such, please please please hit reply and let me know your thoughts once you start listening! I’m open to any and all topic suggestions or questions, as well as more general feedback on the length, structure, process, or experience of listening.

Here are the first 5 episode titles to get an idea of what to expect!

  1. Sit In The Suck

  2. The Great Disgust/Arousal Divide

  3. Disgust: Solo Show

  4. Self Disgust: Revisited

  5. Discovering the Hotness


Ok now onto the second thing:

Enrollment is now open for my 8 week

Body Image Avatars Program!

We start Sept 14th but enrollment will probably close at the end of August, and in order to keep the quality of the experience high, I’m capping capacity at 20 people.

This is the program’s beta-test, which means if you join, you’ll be a part of the first-ever group to test-drive this material, and I’ll be asking for feedback (and testimonials, if you’re into that!) at the end. It also means I’ll be giving this group a lot of special attention as they move through the material, and that the program is currently set at the lowest price it’ll ever be!

Reminder: I’ve closed down group and private coaching for at least the rest of the year (if not longer) while I write my book on body neutrality, sooo this program will be the only way you can work with me in 2021.

Thank you so much for being here, as always.

I look forward to connecting in whichever way feels best for you for the rest of the year!

Big hug,

<3 Jessi

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