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The Body Neutrality Blueprint

The Body Neutrality Blueprint



  • Have You Been Trying to Improve Your Body Image?

    If nothing you do to stop hating, stressing, or obsessing over your body seems to make a difference, you're not alone. 


    Body positivity might feel inspiring, but given the society we live in, loving how you look just isn’t achievable or realistic for a lot of people!


    And more importantly, your body image issues exist for a reason—they're always subconsicouly trying to help or protect you in some way—and until you figure out what they're trying to do (and find a way to deal with that thing more directly), they're not going anywhere. 


    Body Neutrality, then, is not only a more realistic goal for most people looking to escape from body image suffering, it's also the only effective option for truly escaping it.

  • Hi, I'm Jessi!

    I'm a body image coach, and author of the book Body Neutral: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Body Image Issues.


    I define Body Neutrality as the ability to see your body without added meaning, significance, judgment, or importance. In other words, you might never prefer to look how you look, but you can arrive at a place where the way you look just... doesn't have any power over you.


    This is accomplished in two ways:

    • By stripping away all the layers of meaning and significance we've all learned about what different kinds of bodies mean about a person.
    • By getting clear on exactly why your body image issues exist—what problem you've been subconsciously trying to solve with your body, or what emotional needs you've subconsciously been trying to get met with it— and then putting your body image issues out of a job.


    After fifteen years of experience helping people improve their relationship with their bodies, I've come up with a step-by-step system for doing exactly that, and it's called the Body Neutrality Blueprint. 

  • What You Get When You Purchase

    Upon purchasing the Body Neutrality Blueprint, you'll recieve an email with your reciept, and a separate email with a 100 page PDF containing:


    —6 Webinar Links: one for each module of content, in which I teach you the steps of the blueprint, and how to apply them.

    —6 Worksheets: one to go with each webinar, complete with practices and journal questions for working through the blueprint yourself.

    —1 bonus webinar, tackling FAQ about the blueprint. 

  • The Syllabus

    Module #1: Intro to Body Neutrality, and the Body Neutrality Blueprint
    Here you'll learn about what body neutrality is (and what it isn't!), get an introduction to the basic concepts and steps of the blueprint, and learn about the One Big Lie everyone who suffers from body image issues believes. 


    Module #2: Meet the Body Image Avatars!
    In this module, you'll be introduced to the 4 Body Image Avatars— a key part of my system for identifying the underlying reason your body image issues exist—and take the self-assessment to figure out your dominant avatar(s).

    The 4 Body Image Avatars:

    —The Self-Objectifier: those focused on looking attractive or desirable.
    —The High Achiever: those trying to earn external validation or status for being “good.” 
    —The Outsider: those seeking connection and social safety.
    —The Runner: those just trying to cope, or avoid something they're not ready to face.


    Module 3: Identify Your Hidden Body Image Purpose
    Here you'll learn about the importance of identifying your own specific hidden body image purpose, i.e.: the exact reason(s) your body image issues exist, and why your body or appearance have so much meaning, significance, and power over you. Then, by calling upon everything you know about your avatar(s), plus 4 new exercises to help you, you'll identify your own!


    Module 4: Create Your Vision for a Body Neutral Future
    In this module, you'll learn how to use your hidden body image purpose to envision a future for yourself in which your body image issues simply don't have a reason to exist, and then work backward from there to figure out what would actually need to change in your life for you to arrive at a place of body neutrality.


    Module 5: Creating a Body Neutrality Action Plan
    This is where you take everything you've learned so far, and put it into action! After all, it's all very well and good to know this stuff, but knowing it doesn't change it. In this module, you'll learn how to build a personalized roadmap to body neutrality that will continue to guide you through your entire body neutrality journey, whether that takes weeks, months, or even years.

    You'll also learn how to harness the 3 most powerful tools in the blueprint—skill-building, fear-facing, and shame-busting—to put your own specific body image issues out of business.


    Module 6: Common Pathways by Avatar
    Now that you've learned how to build your own personalized body neutrality action plan, I share the action pathways and steps that are most frequently needed for each of the 4 body image avatars on the journey to body neutrality— the skills they most often need to cultivate, the fears they most often need to face, and the shame they most often have to release, along with my favorite avatar-specific book recommendations and practices to try.

    Bonus Webinar: FAQ
    In this bonus webinar, I answer some of the questions that come up most often for my clients, including:


    • What does body neutrality "success" look like?
    • How does this all work for people in marginalized bodies?
    • I want to be healthy—it possible to both be body neutral and try to improve my health? 
    • How do I handle it when people around me aren't on board with my new body neutral approach, or make comments about my body?
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