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My gift to you…

Three spots available for MORE AFFORDABLE 1:1 coaching

Hey friend,

I had planned to take off the last few weeks of the year from writing these weekly emails, but I wanted to mention my new (and more affordable) coaching offer!

Private coaching with me is admittedly expensive—$850/month— because it’s work-intensive for me between the actual coaching calls, preparing for calls, searching for and sending resources, and ongoing Voxer support. I’m really there with my private clients during the entire six months we work together (or longer, if they do multiple packages, as many clients do!), and even between our coaching calls, I’m thinking about what they need, and how to best help them reach their goals.

Despite all this, it has always bothered me that the cost of coaching makes this work inaccessible to so many people who need it, and I’m constantly thinking about and trying out new ways to make it more accessible.

Especially as we draw to the end of the year, and I know you’re about to be inundated with “new year new you” messages, I always feel called to make body neutrality coaching more affordable.

Last year around this time I ran a hot seat-style coaching group, to offer 1:1 coaching in a (lower cost) group format, but I found it was too difficult for people to come to the calls live, because my followers are so thoroughly scattered across the Earth! (Which is very cool, btw.)

Anyway, this year I’m offering a new low-cost 1:1 coaching option: Voxer coaching, for just $175/month!

Voxer is the text and voice memo app I use to support my clients between private sessions, and it’s where a lot of the important coaching work happens. I use it to answer client questions, offer reflections and insights, listen and hold space when they’re struggling, assign practices or exercises to try, celebrate their successes, and help them explore their body image issues in real time!

So, here’s everything you need to know about Voxer-only coaching:

  • You can ask me as many texts as you like, and send me up to 40 minutes of voice memos per month over Voxer. I will respond with whatever is needed: answers, validation, empathy, resources, book recommendations, encouragement, support, or suggestions.

  • You can expect me to respond to everything you send within 48 hours Monday-Friday. (Often much faster, but within 48 hours is my promise to you.)

  • I recommend we do a single coaching session right when we start, so that I can develop an understanding of who you are, what you’re struggling with, and what’s really underneath your body image issues. This will make our time together much more effective. (The coaching session takes an hour, and is done over Zoom, with the recording sent out to you after.)

  • Voxer coaching can be paid for month-by-month, or upfront with a 6-month package. It costs $450 for the first month (including the coaching session over Zoom), and then $175/month after that. If you pay for a 6-month package up front, it’s only $1200.

If you’ve worked with me before, or cannot afford the cost because of that coaching session, just hit reply and let me know. It may be possible to forgo the session, and just dive into Voxer coaching for $175/month.

Now, here’s the deal– there are only THREE of these spots available, because I want to make sure the feeling of personal connection, effectiveness, and quality of my coaching stays high. So if you want one of these spots, please hit reply ASAP and claim it.

And if you know and love someone who would benefit from this offer, please feel free to forward this email to them, or buy them a few months of Voxer coaching as a gift!

Welp… that’s it for me for 2022, folks.

Sending you all the biggest hug, and I’ll be back the first week of January with an exciting announcement, so stay tuned!!

See you in the new year,


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