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A few resources for folks working to build a more body-neutral society.

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Hi friend!

The busy end of the year is upon us, so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet today, with three little shares!!

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  • First up, today’s episode of my podcast This Is (Not) About Your Body is on raising kids through a body-and-food neutral lens. My guest Rachel Kimsey isn’t a body image coach or dietician this time around, she’s just a wonderful human with three young kids who is passionate about fostering autonomy, embodied agency, and self-trust in little ones. Having grown up in a strict patriarchal religious community, Rachel has spent her adult life unlearning toxic societal messages about bodies, food, health, and worthiness, and is determined that her kids will have less to unlearn. If you’ve ever wondered (or worried) about how to protect kids from developing a disordered relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves, I think you’ll love this very “real talk” conversation from the front line of parenting. Listen to the full episode here, or watch the video version here on my YouTube channel!

  • I recently did a community call for coaches in the Precision Nutrition community, with my friend Kate Solovieva. The call was for folks working in (or about to work in) the fitness, nutrition, and wellness space, who want to feel better equipped talking about body image with their clients, and fostering a body-positive or body-neutral approach in their work, which is obviously my jam. I spent the hour answering important rapid-fire questions like: 

  • What should I say when my client makes an off-handed disparaging comment about their body during a session?

  • When someone is speaking negatively about their body, should I try to help them focus on the positives?

  • I want to help folks understand that body image issues are about something deeper, but I’m afraid of overstepping— what do I do?

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That’s it for today! Thank you as always for reading and listening, learning, and doing the work to build a healthier, safer, and supportive society with me. 

Big hug,


PS: If you love all my free content and want to show some end-of-year love and appreciation, you can support me on Patreon, or send me a little gift on BuyMeACoffee! Your support means everything to me.

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