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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

A reading list to support body liberation & neutrality (updated)

Hey friends,

Years ago, I put together a book list with recommendations for folks interested in improving their relationships to food and their bodies, healing, and thriving.

You can find my original list here, but that list was before I discovered the importance of anti-oppression and liberation work, both in terms of the body neutrality journey, and in terms of the work we need to be doing as a culture. And since I’ve learned and read so many more diverse and liberatory books since then–and anti-oppression work has gotten more mainstream–I think it’s time for an update.

Plus, I’ve been trying to finish a body liberation book list (for the back of my own book) over the last few days, and I figure… why not share it with you??

So here we go: below is the current draft of my book rec list, which will ultimately be included in my book on body neutrality (which I’ll be revealing the title of soon!) when it’s published in the Spring of 2023.

How many of them have you read??

Body Liberation Book List*, by Category

*If you use these links to buy anything, I may earn a commission

Racial Justice

Fat Justice

Feminism & Beauty Ideals

Sex & Gender


Important, but Harder to Categorize

These are books I recommend to clients all the time, because they support body liberation and neutrality across so many aspects of life. I hope they’re helpful for you too!

Also: please feel free to hit reply if you can think of a book (or person) you think needs to be on this list!

Big hug,


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