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Book Recommendations to Uplevel Your Life

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I get asked for book recommendations from my clients, friends, and readers, all the time.

You have to understand, I have a very serious Audible addiction. Over the last few years, I’ve listened on average to one new non-fiction book every week. (Fiction is saved for my beloved Kindle cuddle-time.)

Basically I’ll read anything that could possibly improve my work with women (or my own life) and I dedicate time to learning every day. They’re not all winners though, which is why I love offering recommendations– to help people get straight to the good stuff.

I sent out a list of my recommended reading to my email list about a year ago (the original list is at the bottom of this post), and I’ve decided to create a Part 2 and share the whole thing publicly.

Every single book I’m including here has impacted me, or the work I do. Some changes were like huge, life-altering, “red pills” that took me down the rabbit hole. Others offered interesting education, or unexpected insights.

This list covers a variety of topics, from self-development to psychology to trauma to sex and feminism. Many of them directly impacted my work with clients, inspired social media posts and videos, and spawned numerous discussions with friends and family.

Note #1: I certainly don’t agree with or stand by everything written in each book, but there is value in each. I’ll leave it to you to decide which parts you agree with, and which you don’t.

Note #2: I didn’t include any of the business or marketing books I read, because, frankly, I find them so incredibly uninspiring.

Feel free to ask questions or let me know what you’re looking to learn, and I’ll offer some insight into where to start!

The books that I’ve loved and highly recommend since my list went out last time, in no particular order:

Plus a quick highlight on these three books:

Why Me Want Eat is brand new, written by my friend and kickass coach Krista Scott-Dixon. It reads fast, and funny, and straight to the point of issues or “weirdness” around food, eating, weight and your body.

The other two – The Body Keeps the Score and Waking The Tiger, were two of the most influential and important books I have ever read, on what trauma is, how trauma affects the body, and what we can do about it.

Oh, and in case you missed my original recommended reading list, here it is again:

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