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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

(And big CHANGES coming here soon)

Hi friends,

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this, but I have BIG NEWS: I have a book deal!!

I’ll be working with the wonderful team at Penguin Life to write a book on body neutrality, which will be released sometime in the spring of 2023.

This is so exciting, and huge. Like, childhood-dream-come-true, everything-I’ve-been-working-for HUGE.

Now, for anyone who has been following along with my journey and is now thinking “wait a sec haven’t you been writing a book for years now??”— the answer is yes, sort of.

Over the last few years, I’d been writing a book that I intended to self-publish. I didn’t have any contacts in the publishing industry and didn’t know anything about how to break in, so I wrote a 100k word manuscript that I was still in the process of editing when a publisher reached out to suggest I get a book agent and pitch a book proposal.

This led to me somewhat frantically researching how to get a book agent, and getting utterly confused and overwhelmed.

What is a book proposal and how do you write one?? What is a query letter and how do you find an agent who you’d be a good match with?? I was sorting through all of these thoughts and questions when the pandemic hit (with depression close on it’s heels), and everything got set on the back burner.

Someday I’ll publish a book, I thought, by myself or through a publishing house. Just… not today.

But then this winter I was introduced to a fabulous book agent, someone who really gets me and my work, and we began the (fascinating) process of creating a book proposal, and pitching it to a publisher.

Fast forward to last week, and it’s official: I have a book deal!

It’ll be for a brand new book, with a completely different structure than my other manuscript, which means that over the next 6-8 months I’ll be very busy writing.

As such, I’ll be making some changes to my business structure for the rest of the year, and I want to let you in on the behind-the-scenes of it all!

  • First up, I had planned to open enrollment for a handful of small coaching groups at the end of summer, and sadly now (because I love this work!) that will likely have to be put on hold until at least the spring of 2022, if not later.

  • On top of that, I’m closing down enrollment for new private one-on-one coaching until sometime in 2022. (Yikes!)

  • And lastly, for the first time in years, I probably won’t be running a business mentorship group in 2022. Which is also sad, because mentoring people as they grow their online businesses has always been a very rewarding side project, but I just won’t have the time to handle an enrollment period. If you were hoping to join in 2022 I’m really sorry!

Whew! Saying all this is tough, and scary, and it’s not all 100% nailed down yet, but streamlining in this way feels like the best way to support myself as I write this book.

So, as of right now, this looks like it’ll be the situation:

The only way to work with me for the rest of 2021 will be by joining a brand new program I’ve been working on about the Body Image Avatars!

I can’t tell you too much about this program yet, but I know I’ll be looking for 20 people to be a part of the beta-test for it this fall!

Of course, you can always check out my Avatars Guide to dive deeper into that work today, and follow me on youtube or instagram for more free content.

Speaking of free content, I have some more cool news: I’ll be starting a podcast soon!

Short episodes (20-30 minutes) will be coming out twice/week, recorded on the fly and super casual, covering the same kinds of topics I tackle here and on social media.

My hope is that the podcast will give me a platform to connect with you more deeply (and away from social media at last!), share more of myself in my work, and catch all the thoughts I’m constantly thinking about anyway, in real time.

Also it just sounds fun, and that’s a good enough reason to do anything, I think. 😉

Of course I’ll be sharing more about the podcast as it takes shape, and keep you in the loop as things shift around here.

Thank you so much for being here and supporting my work over the years!! I’m so so excited to write this book for you, and so grateful that you’re here reading.



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