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Are you a Runner?

Updated: Mar 6

Find out which of the 5 most common characteristics you have…

Hey friends,

I came up with the four Body Image Avatars as a way for people to locate themselves on the map of body image suffering.

Body image suffering always has a deeper root cause, and a hugely important step toward overcoming the suffering is to identify the root cause–but most people have no idea where to even begin!

So I created each Avatar to represent a sort of umbrella category of root causes:

  • The Outsider’s body image issues come from a person assigning their body or appearance the “job” of either earning them the connection and belonging they crave, or avoiding the rejection, criticism, conflict, humiliation, or abandonment they fear.

  • The High Achiever’s body image issues come from a person’s strict adherence to established social hierarchies, evaluating people’s worth and value based on their hierarchical position, and assigning their body or appearance the “job” of upward social mobility.

  • The Self Objectifier’s body image issues come from an inappropriate connection between a person’s body or appearance, and their value, worthiness, or ability to get their needs met (especially in the realm of sex, intimacy, and love!).

  • The Runner’s body image issues come from a person using their body (or body related thoughts, feelings, or behaviors) to feel safe or avoid pain.

The Avatars exist to help folks both better conceptualize how these root causes work, and (more importantly) to start to place themselves in this new conceptual landscape. That’s why I’ve been making an in-depth video series on YouTube about the Body Image Avatars over the last few months.

The first step toward identifying your own unique and specific root cause for body image suffering is to recognize yourself in one (or more) of these Avatars, so I wanted to make that as easy as possible in this video series, by outlining 5 of the most common characteristics of each Avatar!

Speaking of which, the 5th and final video on the 5 most common characteristics of the Runner just went live on my YouTube channel this morning!

Curious about the rest? Check them out here!

  1. The Runner tends to seek out control to feel safe.

  2. The Runner tends to be drawn to numbing behaviors.

  3. The Runner tends to be disconnected from their bodies (and emotions).

  4. The Runner tends to carry a lot of physical tension, tightness, and armoring.

And today’s brand new video is:

  1. The Runner tends to feel betrayed by their body, and view it as their enemy.

Do any of these sound like you? If so you might be a Runner, and subconsciously using your body image issues to protect yourself from pain!

>>>Click here to watch the last video on the Runner!<<<

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Next month I’ll be going in-depth on the 5 most common characteristics of the Self Objectifer, so if you want to ask me anything Self-Objectifier-related, go ahead and hit reply now. :-)

Sending you all the biggest hug,


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