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Transparent Tuesdays! (My first of many!)

*Editor’s note: These posts were written back when my brand name was Remodel Fitness. I’ve decided to include them here without editing them, in the interest of…well… transparency. 😉

I decided to start sending out more frequent content via email, because women on my mailing list often say they were hoping my emails would be more like my social media accounts, aka daily inspiration and information.

I want to offer you more exclusive content, to reward you for being signed up for list!

So I’ve decided to start with a weekly email just you guys. I’m calling it:

Transparency Tuesday.

Cuz I’m gonna get real up in here.

Today’s topic:

WTF is Remodel Fitness all about lately?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been moving away from giving straight-up gym-and-fitness advice over the last year, in favor of topics and practices that help connect you to your body, help you love and accept yourself, reject social norms, reduce stress, increase your levels of energy and joy, and live a bigger, juicer life. The reason for this is that when it comes to my passion (empowering women and helping them finally love their bodies) it didn’t feel like “fitness” was even close to a big enough piece of that puzzle.

Do I love strength training? Yes. Strength training makes me happy, because I understand it and I’m good at it. But it’s only ONE of many things that helps me love my body, love my life, and love myself.

Since I started life coaching school in 2014, I’ve been realizing this:

I believe our society is handling negative body-image wrong. 

It’s bigger than fixing your “flaws” with fat-loss, it’s bigger than saying daily affirmations in the mirror, it’s bigger than learning to accept your fat. It’s even bigger than getting strong and focusing on your performance. If you want to break free from the life-shrinking awareness of “I don’t like my body,” you have to do some real, deep work. It’s a big and scary journey, and I’m fucking amazing at it (#radicalvanity).

Seriously though, sometimes I lose my shit that I’m allowed to do this work: to educate and guide kickass, gorgeous women into FINALLY NOTICING that they are kickass and gorgeous. Good lord, my heart. I’m so grateful.

So anyway. What is Remodel Fitness up to?

I’m changing the way we approach body image. I’m insisting on treating you like a whole person whose mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked, because ummm… YOU ARE.

What am I doing that’s different? Let’s look as a few common stories.

Here is the story behind most typical negative body-image cycles: “My body was gross. I tried to change it. I failed. Now I feel like my body is gross AND there’s something wrong with me.” (Yikes. Vicious.)

Here’s the story most current body-image work asks you to adopt:

“My body is right, so I don’t ever try to change it!” (Nice, but unfortunately a bit pollyanna.)

Here’s the story I aim to guide my clients into:

“My body was unresponsive. I changed it to become responsive. Now I am able to let it guide me, to trust it and love it completely, and to embrace all its perfect ebbs and flows.”

For most women, building a responsive body is a huge, deep, time-consuming task that requires extraordinary courage, dedication, patience, trust, and healing. Each person’s journey will be completely unique, but there are some pretty huge lifestyle changes that most women will need to dive into, including but not limited to:

-Consistent progressive strength training

-Learning to listen to your body’s messages to you

-Learning to INTERPRET your body’s messages to you

-Getting better quality and quantity of sleep

-Consistently prioritizing your needs and desires

-Reducing stress in a super deep-down way

-Eating as a form of self-care

-Healing old traumas

-Learning to effectively communicate

-Adopting a growth mindset

-Learning to recognize, welcome, and handle your emotions appropriately

-Feeling fulfilled and excited by your life

-Believing you truly deserve to feel amazing

-Learning to forgive, embrace, and appropriately handle, your sexuality

-Practicing gratitude and mindfulness

-Feeling supported and nurtured by your community

-Feeling challenged and creative on a regular basis

-Learning to own your feminine, intuitive side

-Learning to re-frame your old stories in a way that serves you

-Finding meaning within everything you used to view as a “flaw,” “weakness,” or negative event.

-Learning to be assertive

-Learning to strengthen your boundaries

-Learning to forgive and fully trust yourself and your body

Does this sound like an absolute fuckton of work? It is.

Will you start “seeing results in 6 weeks”?

Nope. Probably not.

Everyone wants a quick fix.

Everyone wants to believe that by fixing your body, you’ll fix how you feel about you body.

But you won’t.

You just won’t.

Plus seeing little changes might feel great, but they won’t stay.

So my transparent truth today is this:

It’s simpler than you think.

But it’s also harder than you think.

Please hit reply and let me know what’s on your mind. Do you like the idea of more frequent emails from me? Do you hate it? What do you need help with? What kind of emails do you love?

I love to hear from you.

<3 Jessi Kneeland Get strong. Feel confident. Look amazing.

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