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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Youtube, podcast, and more!

Hellooo and happy Tuesday!

After a few weeks off from podcasting and YouTubing to recover from writing my book, I’ve gotten back in the saddle– and I’m really excited to share what I’ve made with you!!

First of all:

A bunch of y’all seemed to really like last month’s video series on the 5 common characteristics of the High Achiever Body Image Avatar, so I’m continuing on to another avatar! (And if you’re not familiar with the four Body Image Avatars, you can find a free overview video on them here, and if you want to go more in depth, The Avatar Guide is on sale for only $17 here.)

So, this morning I released the 1st of a 5 part video series about the Outsider Body Image Avatar. It’s tackling a very common characteristic seen among Outsiders, which is… people-pleasing!

Do you find yourself trying to make other people happy, pretending to be what they want or expect you to be, or always worrying that they’re upset with you? Do you struggle to advocate for your needs, take up space, or risk conflict? If so, this video might help you understand why, and what that has to do with your body image issues.

Next up:

Yesterday’s podcast episode is a really vulnerable and important one, on the relationship between body dysmorphia, abuse, and power.

Content warning:

I do go into some details about an abusive relationship I was in when I was 18, and also talk about a book I read recently in which the author was being gaslit and abused by her partner, in this episode. So if you’re not in a headspace to receive that safely right now, please pass on it. But if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and looked (or felt) HUGE, this episode can shed some light on why that is.

Check out the episode here, and then hit reply and share your thoughts with me!

And finally:

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Freya Graf’s podcast The Labia Lounge. I recommend checking out her podcast if you’re interested in sexual liberation, and this episode specifically if you wanna hear us talk about sex, gender, body neutrality, and more. It was so fun!

Ok! Just a few more quick things for today:

  • If you like my YouTube videos, I’d be very grateful if you like, subscribe, leave a comment, share, and turn on notifications (to see the new videos I release every Tuesday). I’d love for more people to be able to find me!

  • Now that my book is done, I’m considering the next direction to take my work, and I’d love to hear from you. Anything you’d like to see from my content? Any topics you want covered? Any offers you want me to create? Just hit reply to share any and all feedback or thoughts!

  • If you want to work with me personally, I’ll be opening up group and private coaching again soon– apply here and we can talk. (For transparency, coaching starts at $550/month for group coaching, and $850/month for private coaching.)

  • If you just love my free content and want to support me, you can always join my Patreon, or send me a little love on

Whew! I hope you have an amazing week!



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