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New High Achiever videos!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hey y’all,

Today I want to share about the new little video series I’m making for YouTube!

Having been so deep in book revisions lately, the Body Image Avatars are all I can think about – so I figured I’d just lean into it and make a bunch of Avatars content for you!

Soooo I’m making a 5 part YouTube series on common characteristics/experiences of The High Achiever!

Last week I released the first video in the series (which you can find here), about how The High Achiever seeks upward social mobility via their body.

In today’s Part #2 video, I explore how The High Achiever tends to be preoccupied with morality, sees the world in a sort of black-and-white binary of right and wrong, and what all this has to do with the “Just World Fallacy.”

Then, for the next three weeks, be sure to check back to watch the rest of the series!

If you like these videos or find them helpful, leave me a comment letting me know! I’d be happy to make a series like this for each of the Avatars if you want them. 🙂

And as always, if you find my free content valuable, please support me by hitting like and subscribe! (Or if you want to support me financially, you can do so by leaving me a “tip” on Buy Me A Coffee or joining my Patreon.)

I’m putting up some old programs again, taking down a few programs for good after this, and generally just making room for new stuff in the future. So consider this a kind of last-chance spring cleaning sale!

I’m offering:

1. A self-study version of my Authentic Body Confidence program– which I have never made available to the public before– is now available for only $97.

2. Make Friends With Your Feelings– normally $199– is going for only $27

3. The Empowered Women Project– normally $247– is going for only $47. (Also I’ll be removing this from my website soon!)

4. Remodel Stress– not usually available on my website– is only $13.

5. And my Avatar Guide ebook– normally $27– is on sale for $17.

Or hit reply with any questions!

Sending you a biiiig Spring Hug,

Jessi Kneeland

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