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New coaching offer!

Introducing: The Body Neutrality Accelerator

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Hi friend,

I created a brand new private body neutrality coaching offer for summer!

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The process of overcoming body image issues tends to be complex, because on an unconscious level, our body image issues always exist for a reason— they’re trying to help or protect us in some way, even when we’re not aware of it! Plus they exist both in our minds (due to our beliefs and biases), and our bodies (due to our lived experiences, traumas, and emotions), so the process of breaking free simply can’t happen though mindset, logic, or thinking alone. 

For this reason, I normally work with clients for a minimum of six months—and often much longer—with coaching sessions spread out every other week.

Longer coaching packages can be great because they give us the time and space to cultivate trust, which is important due to the incredibly vulnerable and personal nature of this work. It also creates a no-pressure spaciousness that a lot of folks prefer when doing big healing work, like facing their fears, metabolizing their pain, and accepting/integrating parts of themselves that have long been shrouded in shame.

This structure is amazing for folks who are slow to open up, struggle with trust/vulnerability, or tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to do things “right,” as well as those who just need to move through this kind of work at a slower pace. (For example, if someone is too busy to commit to a weekly coaching session/assignment, they’re neurodivergent and need lots of space for side quests, they have to move slowly due to the presence of trauma, or they just prefer to process slowly.)

All of that is awesome, and my traditional coaching packages are still available if that’s you!

But not everyone needs that kind of slow and spacious support, and I’ve been wanting to offer a more “intensive style” coaching package for a while. 

I wanted to create a package for people like myself: people who are deeply interested in personal growth and healing work, but prefer to approach a particular topic or issue in short, intensely focused bursts of learning and expansion… followed by a period of time focusing on something else entirely, or else just taking a break to let it integrate. 

The truth is that some people prefer to walk into a cold pool slowly, letting their bodies get used to the temperature bit by bit before submerging themselves deeper… and some people would rather just dive into the deep end before they have time to overthink it. 

I decided to create a coaching package for that second kind of person, and as the summer season begins, now is the perfect time to share it!

So please allow me to introduce my newest coaching package: 

This intensive private coaching program will be short, sweet, and intense, taking place over the course of only three months, with weekly coaching Zoom sessions. 

Curious what kind of work you’ll do in the accelerator?

Well if you’ve read my book BODY NEUTRAL, you might already be familiar with the step-by-step system I created for moving toward body neutrality, called the Body Neutrality Blueprint. And while the work you and I do together will be completely personalized to your goals, struggles, and needs, that blueprint will form the foundation of our coaching work!

Depending on where you are in the process of understanding and dismantling your body image issues, our sessions might help you:

  • Nail down your dominant Body Image Avatar(s), and find self-compassion for the fact that you’ve been struggling with this.

  • Identify your unique Hidden Body Image Purpose(s)— this is the deeper unconscious “strategy” for why your body/appearance feel so damn important, and how your body image issues have been trying to help or protect you!

  • Identify and dismantle the false or inappropriate meaning, significance, and beliefs you carry about what different kinds of bodies mean about a person.

  • Discover what would need to be true in your life for your body/appearance to no longer have so much power over you.

  • Recognize what you’ve been hoping looking a certain way will “earn you,” and come up with a plan to go after the things you want/need more directly, in the body you have now.

In short, the accelerator will help you blaze through the next steps to body neutrality, wherever you happen to be on the journey. 

The Body Neutrality Accelerator might be a great fit for you if the short-and-sweet format appeals to you, and…

  1. You understand that your body image issues exist for a deeper reason, but just can’t freakin’ figure out what that deeper reason might be. It can be so difficult to see our own unconscious patterns, especially when those patterns exist to protect us! Luckily this is my superpower. I’ve helped hundreds of people discover exactly why their body/appearance feels so important and has so much power over them, so that they can finally do the work needed to break free.

  2. You’ve done a lot of work in this area, but still feel stuck on a particular topic, issue, or pattern. Maybe you’ve been feeling a lot better about your body since discovering body neutrality, body positivity, or anti-diet culture content, for example, but you still can’t seem to “get over” certain insecurities, or notice that they still pop up or have a hold on you around certain triggers or contexts (like sex, relationships, clothing, food/exercise, or spending time with specific people).

  3. You’ve been feeling frustrated, stuck, or hopeless when it comes to body image. If you’ve been struggling with the same body insecurities for a long time, it can be difficult to even imagine what life would be like without them, let alone to believe you can get there. Many of my clients feel that way when we start coaching, and find themselves shocked when they realize how little they think about/care about stuff that used to constantly crowd their mental space. 

If you’re interested in joining, there are two options available, depending on your budget and what level of support feels best for you:

Option No. 1: The Body Neutrality Accelerator

- You get: 3 months of weekly private coaching sessions with me over Zoom, as well as the call recordings. Plus, each week you’ll leave with a specific “assignment” (which can include anything from writing exercises, fear-facing practices, or educational resources that I send you) to ensure that you’re always moving toward your goals between sessions.

- The cost: 3 monthly payments of $1,000

Option No. 2: The Body Neutrality Accelerator + Voxer Support

- You get: 3 months of weekly coaching sessions, recordings, and assignments, plus ongoing text/voice memo coaching over Voxer for support and follow-up between sessions

- The cost: 3 monthly payments of $1,500

To apply for the Body Neutrality Accelerator, just fill out a coaching application here, and be sure to let me know which option you’re interested in. After I get your application, I’ll reach out via email to set up a quick call to get to know you a little better, see if we’re a good fit, and answer any questions!

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with body image issues, and you’re ready to dive into the deep end, I’ve got you.

Big hug,


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