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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

(But I have Covid, so no deep thoughts lol)

Hello lovely humans,

There is so much to talk about today– particularly regarding the horrendous decisions the Supreme Court has been making, and how our government is trying to demolish the separation of church and state.

But if I’m being honest— and that’s the whole deal with these emails— I’m on day 6 of having COVID, and it’s been just freakin’ horrible, and that’s all I can think about right now. (And yes I’m fully vaxed and boosted, thank goodness.)

Like literally, as I write this, I have searing pain and numb spots all over my body. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe because all I’ve been doing for the better part of a week is lay down, or maybe it has something to do with those less-common neurological changes COVID sometimes brings up, or maybe my electrolytes are depleted, or maybe it’s because not being able to breathe freely is really scary, and my body has been extremely tense and tight since I tested positive.

COVID is freaking weird, yall.

Anywayyyy. My point is just that COVID sucks, everything hurts, and I haven’t really been available to think too deeply about the impact of these godawful policy changes yet.

So for today I’m gonna keep my focus microscopic, and say this: I still need a VA/assistant for my business.

If you’re interested in working for me part time, here’s the position details.

Your job would be to:

  • Format my Tuesday emails every week in Mailchimp (and post them on my blog in Wordpress, until I redo my website.)

  • Create my Instagram text images in canva or similar (I write the text)

  • Format promotional emails as needed

  • Format products, worksheets, or ebooks as needed

  • Manage youtube and social media comments

  • Send client session recordings (and sometimes resources)

  • Make updates to different website/sales pages as needed (in Wordpress, with Stripe and Zapier, to Mailchimp.)

  • Client billing, and maybe scheduling

  • Customer service/support as needed

  • Some personal tasks like scheduling appointments for me, researching and book flights/travel, etc.

  • Other tasks as needed, or possibly down the line, depending on your experience (ie: content writing, SEO/marketing, planning/running in-person events, etc.)

In general I expect this position to be for 3-6 hours/week, but I’m flexible if someone wants more or less. The most important things to me are open and honest communication, and a high standard of professionalism—aka, doing things you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do them.

I’d love for my VA to be someone who is a bit type A, self-motivated, and able to take constructive criticism/feedback, as well as having excellent time management skills, and a passion for organization and efficiency.

Lastly I want them to believe in– and be personally invested in– me, my work, my business, and my message of body neutrality.

Also, I’m open to this position growing down the line… especially if you have certain skills, goals, or ideas! (For example: are you a genius at YouTube or podcasting? Do you have a marketing background? Are you a content writer?)

If this sounds like a good fit for you, hit reply and tell me why! Especially include any special skills/ways you might be able to help grow my business that I maybe haven’t even thought about. Then we can go from there!

Whew. Ok. Thank you everyone for bearing with me on this one! Now I’m gonna go right back to the couch to lay down for the rest of the day lol.

Yours in the fight for health,


Jessi Kneeland

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