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I dropped the ball…

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

But I’m back. (I swear.) New content!

Hey friends,

Here it is: I dropped the ball on my YouTube channel.

Despite promising you all a new YouTube video every Tuesday, I went a month without posting a single thing. (The shame.) I have a good reason for this (my book editor sent my manuscript back, and I spent nearly a month just trying to stay above water), but still.

I’m bringing this up for two reasons.

  1. The first is that, if you happen to be one of the 57 YouTube subscribers who actually watch my videos every week, I want to take this moment to formally apologize. I let you down, and I’m sorry. It’s sort of trendy right now for online service providers to be inconsistent and unprofessional, reneging on promises and letting people down, in the name of self-care and mental health. On the one hand, I support this. How wonderful that people are learning to prioritize (and talk about!) their mental health and self-care needs! But on the other hand, it feels a bit weird to me. Because while I do prioritize my self-care, mental health, and overall well-being, I also try very hard to build that shit into my work output strategy. That way, I set realistic expectations for myself and others, and rarely have to resort to “whoops I just didn’t get that done!” But alas. As important as professionalism, consistency, and being true to my word are to me… shit happens.

For the record, I’m being a bit cheeky and playful here. I know that this is not a big deal.

(I say this because you’ve proven yourselves over and over to be the most compassionate and supportive readers on Earth, and you’re probably tempted right now to hit reply and tell me to be less hard on myself. But I promise I’m ok!)

  1. The second reason I’m bringing this up is because I finally did get my shit together to finish the video series I’ve been working on for the last 5 months on YouTube: The 5 Most Common Characteristics for Each of the Body Image Avatars!! Huzzah! I’d previously made videos about the top 5 characteristics of the High Achiever, Outsider, and Runner, before taking my little stay-above-water break. Now I’m tackling the Self-Objectifier!

Last week I shared the first characteristic seen among so many Self-Objectifiers: the habit of constant body-checking. Today I’m sharing the second: the habit of spectatoring! (Aka: imagining how you look through other people’s perspectives, instead of your own first-person perspective.) Check it out and let me know what you think!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing 3 more common characteristics of the Self-Objectifier– so be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications, and if you like today’s video, hit like or leave me a comment. :-)

Plus–as always– if you find value in my free content, you can say thank you by buying me a cup of coffee, or joining my Patreon! (To those who do: I am so very grateful for your support!)

Big hug,


PS: I have a few private coaching spots opening up for fall! If you want to work with me to feel more confident, secure, or body-neutral, apply here!

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