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Body Image & Existential Purpose

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

When the pursuit of looking good stands in for a meaningful life.

Hey ya’ll!

For February’s video installment of #transparentTuesday, I’m gonna start by sharing a video you may have seen on Instagram or Youtube last week, called The 4 Body Image Avatars.

In that video, I outline the four body image “avatars” I created to help break down the major patterns, root causes, and unmet emotional needs underpinning body image issues. My hope is that this video will offer clarity about where your body image issues come from, and what direction you might need to go in order to heal and overcome them.

I’m mentioning that video first, because I recommend watching it before you watch today’s new video. (Today’s video is building on those concepts!)


So in today’s video, I’m tackling another piece of the body image puzzle— what happens when body image issues are created or sustained due to a lacking sense of existential purpose or meaning.

When we don’t know what makes our lives valuable or meaningful, we become vulnerable to any number of stand-in behaviors, distractions, numbing habits, and unhealthy coping mechanisms— and for a lot of people, this includes body image stuff.

To see how this shows up (and what many of my clients have needed to do in order to reach body neutrality) check out the video here:

Enjoy, and be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts!

<3 Jessi

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