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Body Image Avatars

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I made something for you that’s gonna change the whole game.

Hey ya’ll!

If you follow me on Youtube or Instagram you already know that the month of May has been committed to publishing new content about the Four Body Image Avatars-- aka my exclusive and innovative new system for breaking down, understanding, and approaching body image issues.

The truth is that not all body image issues are created equal, and the tools that help one person find body neutrality won’t necessarily work for another.

The reason for that is because there are multiple root causes for body anxiety, obsession, and hatred-- and until you get to the root cause of yours, you’re just basically fumbling around in the dark as you try to overcome them. Sometimes you get lucky, but a lot of times you just end up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless.

The avatars each represent a sort of archetype or pattern, each one based around a unique root cause. They encompass a decade’s worth of research and observation from my coaching practice about which kind of person struggles with which kind of body image issues-- and what kind of work they need to do in order to overcome them.

You can kind of think of the avatars as an astrology chart for your body image. Your sun sign is the Self Objectifier, with an Outsider moon and Runner rising. ;-)

Or maybe you're not into astrology, in which case they function more like a Myers Briggs test for your body image. (Or you can think of it like learning your love languages, or your attachment style... but for body image.)

Either way you think about it, the avatars offer you a way of conceptually organizing and understanding yourself when it comes to body image, and actionable directions for how you can move toward body acceptance, neutrality, or even love.

Want a sneak peek?

The Four Body Image Avatars are:

  • The Self-Objectifier: The self-spectator who craves intimacy and secure partnership, but feels beholden to the male gaze and needs everyone to find them attractive.

  • The Outsider: The people-pleaser who feels isolated and unseen (even if they have lots of friends!), and needs people to like and accept them.

  • The Runner: The disembodied numb-out addict, who struggles to feel their feelings and needs to control everything in order to feel safe.

  • The High Achiever: The discipline-and-self-control worshipper who is terrified of being seen as “lazy,” and needs everyone to think they have their shit together.

Click on the links above to watch my free youtube videos on the Self Objectifier and the High Achiever and stay tuned: the other two are coming out over the next few weeks!

That said, I try to give away as much as I can for free, but there’s still so much more to this work that I can’t share on Instagram or Youtube-- like a self-assessment so you can actually get started to figure out your dominant avatar(s)!

That’s why I put together a brand new product for you:

For only $27, this guide offers you thirty pages of beautifully formatted, never-before-seen information, and (legit) a completely new way to think about and approach body image.

The Avatar Guide is the culmination of over thirteen years of working with people to feel better about their bodies, and the world has truly never seen anything like it. It includes a self-assessment quiz, an exclusive deep-dive video for each avatar, and insight into what the hell you might actually need to do in order to overcome your body image issues, based on your dominant avatar(s).

I have never been so proud of something I’ve created, and I’ve never believed in anything more. If you struggle with body image, this is going to change everything. If you want to support me, this is how you can do it.

  • Buy a copy of the Avatar Guide.

  • Buy your sister a copy of the Avatar Guide.

  • Buy your daughter a copy of the Avatar Guide.

  • Buy your best friend a copy of the Avatar Guide.

  • Buy your mother a copy of the Avatar Guide.

And then-- I want to hear from you. Send me your results. Send me your insights. Tell me how it landed with you, and what you learned. Share your stories, and your breakthroughs. Let me know where it takes you.

I genuinely believe this guide is the beginning of a revolution, and I want you to be a part of it.



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