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Authentic Body Confidence

Authentic Body Confidence


A 10 Module Self-Study Course Designed to Overhaul Your Relationship With Body, Yourself, and Your Life

  • Who Is This Course For?

    This program is for you if you've wasted enough time caring about what other people think and trying to be what people want/expect, and you're ready to overcome your insecurities, step into your power, and cultivate a true and authentic sense of confidence and self-worth.  


    This program is designed to help you stop battling your body, obsessing over your appearance, and being so critical of yourself. Through 10 modules of self-study content and bonus materials, you'll learn how to strip your body image issues of power, explore the deeper root causes for your insecurities, and develop your ability to tune into and connect with your body’s signals (from hunger and fullness to emotions, desire, and intuition) , so that you can finally use them to build a life that honors your deepest truth, aligns with your deepest desires, and just feels freakin good.


  • What is Authentic Body Confidence?

    It’s no secret that a lot of us (especially those of us raised in girl-bodies) were taught to make ourselves as small, unobtrusive, and appealing as possible. We were taught that our worth is based on our ability to do this: to be pleasant, thin, attractive, and focused on other people's needs and desires.


    THEN we're told the reason we feel unfulfilled, lonely, or frustrated is because of our bodies. 


    The “body story,” however, is a red herring -- a distraction to keep us playing small instead of focusing on growing into our most potent and powerful selves. It also separates us from our bodies, putting us in opposition when we should be playing on the same team. 


    This course is about restoring contact with, and trust of, the messages your body gives you. 


    This is much more than learning how to eat when you’re hungry or rest when you’re sick; those are skills you may learn along the way, but they are only side effects and not the goal of Authentic Body Confidence. This course is about reclaiming your access to your internal compass so you can start to discover a path toward your best and most authentically fulfilled life. 


    With Authentic Body Confidence, you’ll not only learn how to call “bullshit” on the messages that society taught you about your weight, size, shape, abilities, and more, but you’ll also come into contact with the “you” whom you really are. You’ll move from feeling lost to feeling grounded and from self-doubt to self-trust. 

  • What You Get When You Enroll

    A PDF with 10 educational modules will be delivered to your inbox, including:

    —10 video webinars (around an hour each)

    —10 worksheets (with practices, tools, and journal questions to help you apply the information in the webinar)

    —An appendix full of additional resources and practices to supplement your journey

    —BONUS: Eleven exclusive interviews with experts on topics relevant to body image, like social justice and marginalized bodies, sex and pleasure, and regulating the nervous system.

  • The Syllabus

    Module #1: Redefining Self-Care

    In this module, you’ll be given a unique system for identifying, tracking, and engaging with your own needs. Using this system will make your self-care efforts a whole lot more effective, as well as restore a feeling of empowerment, agency, and compassion to the process of being a person with needs!  


    Module #2: Body Image Issues Are Protecting Your From Something

    Your body image issues exist for a reason, and they’re always trying  to help or protect you in some way— even if it doesn’t feel like it! This module invites you discover the “real story” that lurks below the “body story” by exploring what meaning you’ve subconsciously attached to your body, and through somatic and intuitive practices.


    Module #3: Facing Your Fears (How to Stop People-Pleasing)

    Once you know the “real story” under your “body story,” it’s time to start teaching your brain and body that it’s safe for you to exist in the world as your whole authentic self. For most people, that means identifying and facing their deepest fears: being rejected, being a burden, letting people down, and upsetting people. 


    Module #4: Dealing with Food, Fat, Weight, and Exercise

    This module gives an overview of how your body image may be related to your relationship with food, exercise, health, and weight, and offers practical advice for how to address issues like dieting, binge eating, over-exercising, and under-exercising while working to accept yourself and your body. 


    Module #5: Embracing Flaws & Fluctuations

    In this module, you’ll be given a new way of thinking about your “flaws,” and learn how to apply the tools and concepts you’ve been learning so far to specific aspects of your body (and bodily changes) that we tend to think of as bad or shameful.


    Module #6: Redefining Self-Love

    We tend to think of “self-love” as a state of feeling constant warmth, positivity, appreciation, or affection toward ourselves— but that's not only unrealistic, it can actually lead to us feeling even more self-critical and bad about ourselves overall! This module invites you to redefine self-love and self-acceptance in a way that makes space for the full breadth of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that make up the human experience. It also introduces the concept of body neutrality, and how privilege and oppression play a role in body image. 


    Module #7: Reconnecting to Your Body

    Our bodies are always trying to talk to us and give us information that we need, but folks struggling with body image issues tend to have a hard time recognizing, understanding, trusting, and taking action on the signals their body is sending them. This module explains why that is, and offers a variety of cognitive, mindfulness, and somatic tools to help you start the process of reconnecting.


    Module #8: Examining Your Identity— Who Are You?

    If you’ve spent your life believing your worth was based on your appearance or ability to be what people want/expect from you, it can feel impossible to imagine believing you have innate worth and value, and that your authentic self is “good enough.” This module helps you explore and start rewriting your narrative about yourself, including what makes you you at your core, where your self-worth comes from, what makes a person “worthy” in the first place, and what’s blocking you from feeling good enough. 


    Module #9: Embracing Emotions

    It can be extremely difficult to identify, understand, and respond appropriately to your emotions— especially if you’re disconnected from your body in general, your emotions have been shamed or invalidated, or you simply never learned how! This module offers a crash course on how to tune into what you’re feeling, and cultivate a healthy, positive, and effective relationship with your emotions by building on the cognitive, mindfulness, and somatic tools laid out in module #7. It also tackles the concept of “numbing out,” dealing with unmet emotional needs, and making “happiness” your goal.


    Module #10: Building a Life of F*ck Yes!

    The most difficult of all the body’s signals for people to recognize, understand, trust, and take action on tends to be around intuition and desire. This module builds on the tools and concepts in module #7 and #9 to help you connect to these more complex and enigmatic messages, and offers a game-changing practice for tuning into your inner “yes” and “no,” so that you can start building a more aligned, authentic, and satisfying life. 

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