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Watch a Full Coaching Session: Anxiety and Insecurity at Work

I love working privately with coaching clients, because I can tailor everything to their needs, and we can dive quickly and DEEPLY into the important stuff.

Understandably however, most people don’t know what “coaching” means exactly, or what a coaching session would look or sound like. That’s why I recently asked a few volunteers to do recorded coaching sessions with me, so that you can see what coaching is all about!

In this video you can watch the full coaching session in which I work with Jen, who is struggling with lack of confidence at work. She feels really good about all the other aspects of her life but when it comes to a job, she feels like she just doesn’t measure up. I guide her into discovering where that comes from and what script she is running that is preventing her from having her ideal job and performing according to her skills.

Watch to learn what is it that she can give herself to find her potential and allow her confidence to take off.

To learn more about or apply for coaching, go HERE.

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