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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Have you seen my new YouTube Q&A series yet?

Hey everyone!

Did you know that I have a YouTube channel??

I dooo!

And for the last year or so I’ve been making fancy high-res videos tackling and teaching different bits of content surrounding body neutrality, body liberation, the body image avatars, and body image… and uploading a new one every Tuesday.

The last few weeks however, I decided to try something completely different.

I wanted something a bit more casual, personal, and free-flowing… both because it takes me a long time to create the fancy structured videos, and because people on YouTube seem to be more drawn to more conversational content.

So I’ve been experimenting, and posting some Q&A videos over the last few weeks instead!

I’m calling this new series “Jessi’s Mailbag.” 🙂

The videos are recorded in my office with just my webcam (instead of my partner’s fancy high-res camera), and they have a more laid-back style and personal feel, kinda like my podcast.

It’s been fun to make them, because people ask me questions all the time, and the topics are all over the place. For example, last week I talked about my personal journey battling depression, and the week before I shared some thoughts about my gender evolution and being non-binary.

This week’s Q&A video is about sex and pleasure, and you can check it out here. (Psst: If you like it, be sure to subscribe to my channel, turn on notifications, hit like, and/or leave a comment!)

Oh and this is the important thing I wanted to share with you today:

Click the link to ask me something for a future video. It can be anything you want, on any topic: personal, professional, body image/body liberation. Literally anything!

(Seriously, don’t be shy. I want to know what you want to know.)

And since this is all part of an experiment in trying to grow my YouTube channel, I’d also love to hear your feedback on it once you check out new videos!

  • What do you think of this new Q&A video series?

  • How does it compare to my more structured content and professionally produced videos?

  • Do you have a preference for one over the other? Why?

  • What do you like about each style, and what would you like to be different?/

  • Any other suggestions or ideas for what you’d like to see me do with my YouTube channel?

Just hit reply and share your answers if you have ‘em!

Sending you all a huge hug and a happy Tuesday,

<3 Jessi

PS: I just discovered that some people don’t know what my traditional signoff means, the “<3” I usually use right before my name! It’s a sideways heart, from the AIM era of emoticons (before emoji) lolllll. I’ve been using it for a decade to sign off my emails, but I think it’s time for a change. How do YOU sign off your emails??

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