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Body image issues are not
just about how you look. 


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You struggle with body image issues for a reason. 


Not because you're vain, superficial, or irrational... and not because you're weak, negative, or overly emotional, either.

Believe it or not, your negative body image thoughts, feelings, and behaviors exist to help or protect you. Sure, they make you miserable, but they actually exist to help you solve a problem, meet a need, or keep you safe, on a subconscious level. 

After 15 years of experience helping people feel better and improve their relationship with their bodies, I've learned this one universal truth:

You will not be able to overcome your body image issues until you no longer need them, on any level.


My job is to help you identify your underlying root cause for body image suffering, and then take away its reason for existing, using a method I've created called the Body Neutrality Blueprint. 


The Blueprint helps strip away all the false or excess meaning, significance, importance, and interpretations you've been assigning to your body or appearance, and see it for what it is: just a body.

This is body neutrality, and it's the antidote to body image suffering you've been searching for. 

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Struggling with body image?
Start here. 

Check out my TEDx talk Body Image: Not Just About Your Body to learn about the truer and deeper cause of body image suffering.


Wanna work with me?

Apply for coaching here!


Listen to my podcast This is (Not) About Your Body to hear topics that are actually relevant to body neutrality unpacked and explored.

Hi, I'm Jessi Kneeland!

I’m writer, speaker, and coach on a mission to help folks escape the suffering caused by body image issues, through the pursuit of body neutrality. 


With the rise of mainstream body positivity, I thought we had finally found a cure for body hatred, insecurity, anxiety, obsession, and dysmorphia! Suffering from body image issues myself, I was beyond excited. But here we are over a decade later, and body image issues are more widespread and dangerous than ever. 


Through my own personal journey, and thousands of hours coaching others, I've discovered that trying to "love your body" is not only unrealistic or even impossible for most of us, but it actually tends to make us feel even worse about ourselves, too.


That's why I guide my clients to body neutrality instead.


Based on the patterns I saw arising over and over, I created the 4 Body Image Avatars, and a step-by-step process to help anyone reach body neutrality. You can find the whole system laid out in my book Body Neutral: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Body Image Issues for Penguin Life (released on June 6, 2023)!

Through private and group coaching over Zoom and Voxer, I help folks from all over the world to feel the way they previously thought could only be felt by achieving a certain kind of body: confident, secure, safe, empowered, connected, happy, and worthy. 

When not coaching, writing, or creating content, you can find me napping, riding my OneWheel, enjoying the golden age of television, or snuggling with my cat Walden.

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