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Make Friends With Your Feelings e-course

Make Friends With Your Feelings e-course


This is the "emotional education" course we should have all gotten when we were growing up. Learn how to recognize, hold space for, and with with each of your individual emotions in order to build self-trust, self-confidence, and self-love. 

  • What We Cover

    Here’s the syllabus for Make Friends With Your Feelings. It was originally designed to be sent out as a daily email over the course of 10 weeks (hence the syllabus breakdown), but is now packaged altogether in a single PDF, for your self-study convenience.

    Week 1: Cultural Context + Emotion Coaching vs Emotion Dismissing
    Week 2: Anger + Resentment
    Week 3: Sadness + Grief
    Week 4: Joy + Happiness
    Week 5: Disgust + Gratitude
    Week 6: Jealousy + Envy
    Week 7: Fear + Anxiety
    Week 8: Guilt + Shame
    Week 9: Meta-Emotions
    Week 10: Desire, Pleasure, + Intuition

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