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Watch a Full Coaching Session: Clearing Old Body Image Issues

I love working privately with coaching clients, because I can tailor everything to their needs, and we can dive quickly and DEEPLY into the important stuff.

Understandably however, most people don’t know what “coaching” means exactly, or what a coaching session would look or sound like. That’s why I recently asked a few volunteers to do recorded coaching sessions with me, so that you can see what coaching is all about!

In this video you can watch the full coaching session in which I work with Alex, who has been struggling with deeply ingrained body image issues for decades. She recently gave birth to triplets, and though she is appreciative of her body for that miracle, she still ‘loathes’ the way it looks.

We unbury some interesting and old family patterns that she had been running since childhood as the reason why, and work towards releasing that old script and replacing it with a new one that works for her and brings what she needs into her life.

Watch to know how her story will change.

To learn more about or apply for coaching, go HERE.

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