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Body Grief, and Living in an Infinifat body

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Some must-listen podcast episodes on fatness, marginalization, and tools for body acceptance

Hi friend,

Today I want to share a powerful episode of my podcast with you!!

My guest was Bri Campos – better known on instagram as @bodyimagewithbri – who is a body image educator and coach who teaches body acceptance through grief, and this episode is fiiiirre.

Bri has a lifetime of experience living in an “inifinfat” body, which is the largest categorization of fat bodies in the system of “fategories” designed by fat folks to bring awareness to the different levels of marginalization facing people of different body sizes… so her work is both fiercely liberatory, and fiercely compassionate.

This episode of This Is (Not) About Your Body is called The Power of Body Grief, and in it Bri talks about choosing to live a big, full and expansive life in a body she can only shop for at a small number of online clothing shops, a body that doesn’t fit in most public seating, and a body that requires asking for a seat belt extenders on airplanes. She shares the heartbreak of living in a body that wasn’t designed for bodies like yours, and she offers laser-focused concepts and tools to help people accept their bodies in a world that doesn’t accept them.

Bri even offers me a new tool for helping clients feel better about their bodies in photos!

This episode is a must-listen for anyone wanting to find more peace, acceptance, or neutrality around their body or appearance. (Listen to it here, or watch it here on YouTube!)

Also, if this is a topic that appeals to you, be sure to check out last week’s episode featuring Angel Austin, Sacred Spaces in a Fatphobic Society. The writer of my popular guest article The Most Marginalized Fat Folks Deserve Access to Care & Rest, Angel’s episode is another must-listen. Angel comes to the work through multiple marginalized identities, including being Black, disabled, and having an infinifat body as well.

Also, if you enjoy the free content I put out, please subscribe to my podcast and YouTube channel, and give my podcast a rating and review!! Subscribers, ratings, and especially reviews help people find me, and I want to reach as many people as I can with this important work!!

Lastly, I’d love to hear what you think of these episodes, or who you think I should have on my podcast next. Hit reply to share your thoughts and suggestions if you have them!

Big hug,


PS: Want to find body acceptance in a world that doesn’t accept bodies like yours? I’d love to help– apply for coaching here!

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1 Comment

Gandharv B
Gandharv B
Jul 21, 2023

* Encouraging. It's indeed great to hear someone focusing on body positivity. Thank you for sharing tools that can help people to feel better about their bodies in photos. This can be a challenging aspect for many people, and having resources and strategies to navigate it can be empowering. helps you to stay in your best shape and feel confident about your body with its great techniques and fitness & diet plans.

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